Monday, July 19, 2010

God Bless The Broken Road

OK...if you were with me in the winter - we had a very heavy, very unusual snowfall (sounds pretty marvelous right now with temps over 100*)...

As a result...our arbor collapsed -

If you remember, I wrote that something good would come...and we began to plan, save and dream up our "something".

The rock patio remained, but without protection from the sun or other elements, we have rarely used it.

So, here is what we did with the rock...

And now this little path...leads to our once broken...

And we're ready to celebrate the birthday boy on Saturday!

(There's more inside those barn doors...I'll save that for later ;p)

Life is full of obstacles...hurdles are ok, but don't let them stop you. I truly am grateful for the snow that became too heavy for our sweet arbor to hold. No, not because I got a new patio...I can't possibly share all the details - but this entire experience has been so "healthy" for us.

We have been partners throughout the process, and certainly faced obstacles ;p (most of them self-created) the end...we received more than a covered deck.

And for that, I am most grateful (thank you John).

Maya Angelou has a quote..."Be present in all things and thankful for all things." I say...well said.