Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why Isn't Everyday A Holiday?

We had such a great time with family and friends over Thanksgiving.

John's family came the weekend before. It was perfect weather, and time that we all treasured.

Justin & Brinkley played by the lake...

Rich fished from the bank...

And my SIL, Lori...she is my bestest ;p

On Thanksgiving John and I prepared a meal, took it to the hospital and watched the Cowboy game. Again, treasured time together. Mummy loved that we were there, Papaw mentioned how he treasured being able to watch the game with John. I think it was the only traditional experience he felt.

It was such a blessing to have the time with the two of them.

On Saturday, we got together with my crew. Man, I loved having the time with the kids. My sisters' four I have mentioned before. I was so blessed to be able to stay home with them when they were little. My brother also has four, three girls and a boy.

My nieces and nephews....Jonah, Jessica, Jentry, Jake, Lexie, Morgan, Jared, Jourdan and her husband Brad.

My nieces and nephews with my Mom & Dad...we are so blessed to have this time together. My Dad has been in and out of the hospital for the past year. He had a surgery just a week ago, thank you God for giving us this Thanksgiving together.

I love the holidays.

I wish we made more time for each other...I wish for days that are just "ordinary", but feel like holidays...

Know what I mean?

A typical Saturday, we would gather at Mom's, she would make one of her fabulous meals, we would play horseshoes outside, or Scattegories inside...just on a typical Saturday.

So, why don't we?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


OK...yes, really excited I will get to start decorating after this weekend for my FAVORITE time of the year...Christmas.

The list is long of things to do:

* finish the stockings
* find the box with our old stockings
* we'll need another stocking by next Christmas

STOP...with the list already! Let's just enjoy.

I've got my cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee, listening to you? Really, what more do we really HAVE to do today? ;)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jane: Wife of Dick, Mom of 3, Mummy to 5 (and that's just the beginning)

Meet "Our" Jane:

...and yes, she did grow up and marry Dick. And yes, their home answering machine says "You've reached Dick and Jane, please leave us a message..." We all think it is incredibly cute, and I must think that even telemarketers smile when they hear that message.

Jane, or as the grandchildren call her, Mummy, is my mother in law. I am blessed to be married to her "baby", her youngest son.

Mummy is the loving person the entire room gravitates to. She is beautiful, always impeccably dressed, kind, funny, loving, bright and the "quiet" matriarch of the family.

She found out a few weeks ago that she will be a great-grandmother in March to Mackenzie Lynne. Her grandson Justin and wife Casey made the announcement at a "surprise" brunch, and Mummy has really taken to the idea of a new little one in the family.

Mummy is on my heart. She's battling a wicked disease, that is taking a heavy toll on her body. Her battle, her pain is substantial, and there is little that can be done to provide comfort.

Yet, as always, you walk into her room and the bright little eyes that melt your heart reveal no such thing.

As we are approaching the holidays, the family is trying to create some joy in Mummy's difficult situation. A testimony of what she means to all of us.

If you are blessed enough to have a Mummy in your life, I encourage you to thank God that she loves you, give her a call, send her a card...and most importantly - spend time with her.

Would you mind saying a little prayer for Jane, our Mummy. If she knew I had asked, she would first be embarrased, next give you the most appreciative thanks for caring about her, then you would receive one of those little grins that come from one side of her mouth (and possbily a little nod or wink). I assure you, she would make you feel's just her way.

God Bless Mummies...(ours and yours).

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Even before you were born...

So they phoned both sets of grandparents....

Justin & Casey invited both sets of grandparents to a restaurant on the day we knew they were having a sonogram.

They walked in with two gift sacks, one marked for Casey's parents: Grumps & Endie, the other marked for us: Lolli & Pops.

They excused themselves, and left the gift sacks in the hands of the one most likely not to peek...

Grumps...holding the bags!

When they returned, thankfully they didn't make us wait until the end of the evening...they gave the grandmothers the gift sacks...

So, Endie and Lolli reached into the bag and found....

A sonogram photo, in a precious picture frame...

So Little So Loved, it said. And in glittery pink letters, we saw the photo of our precious GRANDDAUGHTER...

Mackenzie Lynne

Grumps, Mommy, Endie & Mackenzie

Lolli, Pops, Daddy & Mackenzie

She is due March 24, 2010.

As a grandmother, it is important that my granddaughter knows this...

Dear Mackenzie,

I loved you the moment I knew you were on your way.

My joy was unable to be contained. I've already forced family, friends and yes - even perfect strangers to learn your date to arrive, how to spell your name correctly and to look at your sonogram photos as I point out each of your perfect features.

When I look at your Mommy and Daddy, I try to imagine who you will look like. I just simply can't wait to see you...whether you have Mommy's eyes, Daddy's hair...don't worry about a thing - they are both lookers ;) Lucky Girl!

More important than their good looks, I pray, and have full confidence that you will be born with your Mommy & Daddy's profound love and trust of God and devotion to family.

Although I ache to hold you, to place goofy over sized bows on your head, and gush in my baby talk voice as I read to you (I do have different story voices, I intend to impress you with my full repertoire)...the thing I long for the most...

Is to see the smiles on your Mommy & Daddy's faces when you are placed in their arms.

The circle will be complete.

God loves you Mackenzie Lynne and so does your Lolli. You are perfect in His eyes and mine.

Lolli & Pops (forever watching over you)