Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Ol' Family know my family is large in numbers...but when you get my SIL's family, too...we are REALLY large in numbers.

At Morgan and Allen's wedding a few weeks ago, we actually captured groups shots, shots of my parents (never happens)...and even my Dad on his own (really never happens). And a photo of my Uncle and Mom together...really, really, really never happens, don't think it has ever happened.

I've thrown a few in the mix...of all of us...because we truly all are family...

Times like these are incredibly special to me...I so love these people...thanks for stopping by.


OK...I am human, and I am careful here not to sound boastful.

I am proud that this old girly has figured it out!

If you've missed me, I've been very busy launching a new business. If you haven't missed me - well, that makes me sad - because I have REALLY missed you.

I've been watching you blog from afar, just haven't had time to "play" and participate lately.

Now...what am I proud of?

I have created a button for Dimples and Dreams! Quite an accomplishment for a "girl" of my age ;p

If you copy and paste, my button can be included as one of your favorites (and I would so appreciate it)! Look just to the right...see the box, copy and paste...and we can go with you ;p (and thanks Jenna for the encouragement)

What started off as primarily my hand painted art business, has quickly changed to the development of a children's & family photography storytelling form of art.

Please, go take a's been such a blessing to get to see these little faces and big hearts through the lens.

Hey...if this doesn't work - let me know! I may not have so much be to proud of after all ;p

Love you...miss(ed) you!