Thursday, October 14, 2010


OK...I am human, and I am careful here not to sound boastful.

I am proud that this old girly has figured it out!

If you've missed me, I've been very busy launching a new business. If you haven't missed me - well, that makes me sad - because I have REALLY missed you.

I've been watching you blog from afar, just haven't had time to "play" and participate lately.

Now...what am I proud of?

I have created a button for Dimples and Dreams! Quite an accomplishment for a "girl" of my age ;p

If you copy and paste, my button can be included as one of your favorites (and I would so appreciate it)! Look just to the right...see the box, copy and paste...and we can go with you ;p (and thanks Jenna for the encouragement)

What started off as primarily my hand painted art business, has quickly changed to the development of a children's & family photography storytelling form of art.

Please, go take a's been such a blessing to get to see these little faces and big hearts through the lens.

Hey...if this doesn't work - let me know! I may not have so much be to proud of after all ;p

Love you...miss(ed) you!

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  1. great job! I am so impressed with your tech. skills!:) I can't wait to put the button on my new blog design! Proud of you!