Thursday, August 27, 2009


I never wanted to be anything but a Mom....well, actually that's a little fib...I wanted to be a Mom to at least six kids. I wanted to be in the stands every Friday night cheering for years and years...for my kids, then their kids.
God's plan was not for me to be a birth mom. My sister shared her children in a way that I'm not sure many would do. She allowed me to love them as she would, she allowed them to love me as they love her. What a gift...she will never be able to understand how she truly filled a hole in my heart. They are now 25, 24, 20 and 18 and are as much a part of my life today as the day they were born.
Then, John did the same. When we married, he allowed me to love his children as their Mom would have. Many times I have felt guilty that I am here for this part of their precious lives, but try to honor her by simply filling in - never to replace her. And, fortunately, Justin and Nicole have allowed me into a special place in their hearts - not one that is reserved only for their Mom - but one in the parking spot right beside.
So as Nicole married John last summer, and Justin married Casey last fall, it was no secret to anyone that I couldn't wait for them to build their families.
We've known for a few weeks that it is happening, but honored them until they were ready to share the news with the entire world.
Well, world, please meet our first grandchild....OMG, can hardly believe it!
Our daughter-in-law Casey is 10-1/2 weeks pregnant, and we are thrilled.
Full out warning, I will force you to look at pictures all the time, you will be laden with stories about something (probably ordinary) extraordinary that this child will do. I will be the grandmother that will spoil them rotten, and remind their parents daily that God has trusted them with his greatest treasure.
And, we have "our" official names....
Let me introduce two new soon-to-be grandparents: Lolli (me) and Pops (John)
You will recognize us - we're the ones that you couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces if you tried!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


one week...
dinner parties for over 40 folks...
boat rides for ???...
did we have fun? YOU BET!
can we do it again?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Goodbye Summer - Hello Fall

Summer is an interesting time in our household.
The assumption is that John, like most in the school biz, enjoys a summer hiatus. Reality is...summer could be a strong contender for the busiest time of the year.
We moved in the summer to Malakoff, and his first challenge was opening two brand new schools on time. One school was on schedule, the second was WAAAYYY behind. It did open right on time, with help from a community, friends the Supt. and wifey helping teachers carry in boxes and get their rooms finished as the clock clicked down.
Last year's summer challenge was just as busy, with multiple projects.
This year, the middle school is undergoing a much needed renovation, and it looks AWESOME. But again...the clock is ticking, the pressure is on. Teachers will be the first to be able to get set up, office and admin will be get ready, I might be giving you a call to help us carry boxes in ;p
I love that my husband gives his life to projects that house, care for and educate children. I love that my husband gives his life to kids... period. the mushy stuff over...(I hope I ALWAYS and FOREVER feel mushy when I talk about him).
Back to summer - moreover, the fact that it is coming to a quick end.
Every year, I find myself getting excited that summer is ending.
I LOVE FALL...the colors, the air and the cool nights.
I'm beginning to look around my home in preparation of a fall palate.
It might be time for some new paint, I'll get different colors out as bedding, and prepare our home (our sanctuary) to give us and our guests the same cool, yet warm fuzzy feeling that fall provides for me.
I have some ideas of what I might like to try this fall, but wondering if you've done something interesting, fun, inventive or just "warm" for your home....
I have an open blog, but I'm not good yet at "spreading" the invitation to know new people. Will you help me? Invite your friends to become part of this blog post...I would love to see pictures or hear of new ideas for fall decor for all of your homes (inside and out). And, of course, recipes are always welcome!
I've posted a photo of something I created that hangs outside our home during the fall. Although it's three years old, it is still one of my favorites.
Can't wait...send 'em on!