Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And the stockings were hung...

Twas the days before Christmas
And all through the house, Lolli and Pops were...

Ok...enough, enough...

I took tons of photos throughout the Christmas season (know you are shocked ;p), I thought I might share our home with you first...

First, there is a friend that must receive the credit for creating these family heirlooms for us.

Tanya and I "made a deal"...and I am so blessed to have these stockings as a result.

There is a long history of what felt and sequin stockings mean to the Spies family. Justin & Nicole's Mom had made them when they were very young.

Somewhere in the "moves", Justin's had been lost, as I learned the first year we decorated the tree together. There are many reasons this loss broke my heart -

So, the next year, I made this for him:

And as our family grew quickly with the additions of Casey and John, I purchased the kits with excitement...a slow start...a slower completion (like never)!

Then I purchased Mackenzie's kit, then John and myself (and next year we will need one for little Natalie or Will yeah!)...I'm really great at the purchasing! Oh, and the embroidering of their names!

My sweet friend Tanya and I exchanged our talents...and I feel so blessed that her talent produced these:

Take a closer look at her beautiful work...

The stocking that belongs to Pops:





I'll share some other touches of Christmas spirit around our home later...

I really wanted this post to feature the precious stockings, and to give me the chance to let Tanya know how much her love and talent shines through them.

Tanya...you will be thought of and remembered each time we decorate for Christmas for many years to come. You have not a clue what a special gift you have blessed my family with. Thanks and love...God gave me more than a friend in you.