Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh, There Is No Place Like Home

I had fun personalizing this gift of love.

Their home is beautiful

Nicole and John

This weekend we went to celebrate family with a Housewarming party for Nicole & John.

We had alot of fun, met new friends, and got to love on some folks we haven't seen for awhile. I hope Nicole and John felt the love that walked into their home on Saturday. The weather was awful, yet each guest walked in without a care in the world, and genuinely expressed their congratulations to the kids on their first home.

The photos were taken in front of their fireplace. I created one of my personalized pieces for them. The ribbon across the top says "Oh, there is no place like home" and has their address there as well. Below, it is personalized with their names, wedding date and scripture that was read at their wedding. The "key" symbolizes, to me, the key to their home, love, happiness, future and commitment (to each other, family, friends and Him).

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  1. So beautiful! When r u going to teach classes??? :)