Monday, January 25, 2010

Marrying for Valentine's

What to do?

Small corner, dark, leaving our very unique ice box all on its own...again, what to do?

Tea cart, poor condition, may have outlived it's use...again, what to do?

Marry the two of them...just in time for Valentines!

I painted the tea cart some time ago. One of the things I do on all things I paint are "unexpected" touches...did you expect the corner of the plate to be broken?

Now...let's finish dressing the old girl....

Grandma's cut glass goblets brighten up the lower shelf...

Moved the lamp from the bedroom, added one of my cakestands and the silver server...

What do you think? I like the way she filled up that blank corner...I think I'll leave it here until after Valentine's.

I'm going to host a family birthday dinner for our three February birthdays, it will "serve" (hee, hee) us perfectly!


  1. This is gorgeous!!!!!!! You paint so beautifully and your home is lovely.

    I am a first time visitor, enjoyed my stay. I will come back.
    Blessings, Linda