Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Spies Sparkled as Rocketts Bursted In Air

OK, the title of the post - I know it's lame...but it makes me smile anyway.
We were blessed last year to add two (three if you count the granddog) new members to our family as our daughter Nicole married John and son Justin wed Casey. We also love all the "extended" family that joined our lives.
For the second year in a row, Casey's parents Endia & Eric (Rockett) joined us for a weekend at the lake filled with great food, lots of laughs, an airshow and fireworks on the water. Of course, John was thrilled the kids let him drag them across the lake on the tube. We all had a blast, and it is such a blessing to have such great folks become part of the family.
In the photos featured above, you'll meet Casey & Justin, Endia & Eric, Gracie (the Queen of our household, ruff, ruff), and some of the special touches I added to our home to celebrate the 4th.
I really had a great time creating the tablescape. I love antique linens, the top cloth is vintage, and the double sided napkins I just finished with my new sewing machine (thank you kids for the Mother's Day gift!). My favorite thing on the table is the inclusion of things "past". The red trays belonged to John's Mom (Mummy), her children including John used them to have breakfast and lunches on when they were kids. I just love that we were able to use them for the important spark of red for the 4th.
Other favorites on the table include the pottery salad plates (topper). They have belonged to John and the kids their whole lives, and they used them most of the time growing up when they had a "special" meal.
The blending of our stuff, their stuff, and Mummy's stuff just made the details so much sweeter.
Hope your July 4th was filled with family, love and honor. We were blessed with all.

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