Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fredericksburg was HOT


Each day the true temp hovered around 106.

The good news was, we stayed in a beautiful B&B, an old converted fudge factory just off downtown. We enjoyed alot of peace and quiet - which we really needed. John slept more in those few days than months combined. It was truly luxurious.

We took one day to go to Kerrville and Comfort. Kerrville is special to John, and you will see in the photos we visited his grandparents' old home. I loved the stories he shared as we drove.

In Fredericksburg we visited great shops, Wildseed Farms and a terrific wagon restoration artist.

On the way home we spent time at Horseshoe Bay, what a treat!

Our last stop was lunch with Nicole and a tour of their "almost" complete new home.

I loved our time together. John and I really need that kind of time. It was a sanctuary for us.

Click here to view our photos, they make me smile.

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