Thursday, December 17, 2009

KING Size Comfort

“Considering God decorated the heavens–His own dwelling place–it seems no less fitting for us to dress up our homes with strings of lights, carols that worship His name, and symbols and seasonal reminders to help us celebrate the birth of His Son. “ Karla Dornacher
I borrowed this from one of my favorite blogs (thank you Aunt Ruthie).

There are times that I feel guilty for decorating our home, and for having a "wealth" of beautiful things. Please, I'm not boasting, it is just that I do not make, have or collect anything for our home that I do not love.

My "wealth" of abundance is comprised of things that have been loved by our family for years and years, "treasures" (John and I often disagree on what is a treasure / smiling), dollar store things with "character" or maybe it's not really a Christmas decoration at all. But it has immense value - sentimental, romantic, not at all monetary.

So, as God decorated the heavens, I love to decorate our home. I don't know why, it's not like hundreds will parade through for the grand tour. There are not television or magazine cameras that will visit...but perhaps YOU will.

There is NOTHING that gives me greater pleasure than having our home full of people. There is NOTHING like the feeling of going to bed totally exhausted because you made that extra dozen of cookies for the kids tomorrow. There is NOTHING like the look on a child's face, and the wonderment of lights, tinsel and angels. I simply love all of those feelings. I always have, I honestly hope I never lose my desire or ability to "dress" the house up for the holidays.

I hope that our family will always look foward to coming and feeling loved on as they step through that front door. Loved, that's a great feeling, and my "forever" goal.

We don't have huge oversized bedrooms with king size beds in every room. We do have comfy soft beds, with winter flannel and touches of lace on very soft sheets. (And yes, guests have found mints or treats on their pillows at night). Warm, cozy, and hopefully the feeling of a "big hug" for those that will stay.

I do feel like our bedroom is a sanctuary. I love to layer bedding by the season, and can one really ever have too many pillows on their bed? ;p

I love to cuddle in at the end of every day, and CAN'T WAIT until Mackenzie and our other future grandchildren all pile in and fight for a spot. It's a big bed...LOTS of room for Lolli and Pops to snuggle with LOTS of grandchildren ;p (love you Nicole & John and Justin & Casey)!

If you are visiting me today, I thank you and love you for being here.

At this holiday season, I am really reflecting on my multitude of blessings.

Not the "stuff", the blessings:

a Savior and King that loves us, that has "decorated" Heaven for us
a husband that takes my breath away
children that have found that special place in their heart for me
family that makes my world go round
friends that are faithful
opportunity to love on people
kids, some who will never know my name, but some that I will never forget
and there is so much more...

So, as I close this post (because there is one more batch of maple pumpkin bars to get ready for tomorrow)...know that I have loved this time with you.

This becomes one of my treasures.


  1. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for being in my life, and my family's.

  2. I'm getting teary-eyed, too - such lovely sentiments, beautifully stated! That's how I want my home to be, too - and my life! Thanks for making us all feel so welcome here!

  3. You sound truly blessed and truly aware of each blessing! May God continue to bless you in all that you do. Merry Christmas! In everything, give thanks, GrandmaSoucie

  4. Well, you and I must be connected for at least a tiny bit. The beginning of your post could have sounded like me. I feel like I have every riches of the world all because of God and God's love in my heart. I love doing for others and having others into my home. Family or friends no matter, my home is always open and a meal on the table for those who want to eat.

    I can't wait to have grandchildren of my own but for now I have 3 very sweet, dear children and their parents that are a young family at our church with no parents/grandparents close by. So my hubsand and I have that job and it is such a blessing.

    I just loved reading your post and hope that you do not mind me relating myself to you for a small part of it. Your words put my thoughts down right on spot.

    Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your blessed time with your family.

    One of your Sugar Pie sisters,

  5. It was such a treat to catch up you for all your Christmas decorating. So pretty.
    Wishing you and your family a
    Very Merry Christmas! Donna

  6. My first visit to your blog and I loved this post. Your bedroom looks so pretty too! Thanks for sharing it with us. Enjoy the rest of your weekend...