Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Little Christmas Magic

Where have you been? Get in out of the cold. Here, give me your coat, go warm up by the fire. Do you want pumpkin spice coffee or hot cocoa with marshmallows?

It feels like forever since we've been able to just visit...why don't we make more time like this?

Sure, I'll take you around the house...but are you sure you are warmed up? Bring your cup with you.

Yes, I did switch out the drapes for the Christmas season. Heck no I didn't sew them, I barely had time to hang them! No, they're not expensive...actually they are dollar store tablecloths, no kidding! Sure I can show you...this is how I started...

They are just the ring with clips you can buy anywhere, I gathered the tops with the red cloths. The plaid cloths are just tied with a handkerchief knot...really easy, thank goodness! Yes, you can do it...just be patient, if you need help, just call I will help you. I think it IS a wonderful idea to buy the cloths when they go on sale after the holidays, it was fun to match the patterns..

Thanks, but no, the topper ribbon is not alot of ribbon at all! It's an illusion... I took a strand of wired ribbon that was about 12' long, and tied 12" ribbon in knots the length of the ribbon. Then, I just tied it to the top of the tree and pulled the ribbons out...see...(you can click the photos to make them larger)

Me, too, I love traditional ornaments! A few of these are dollar store finds, but I always love to see the ornaments that the family collected (even before I was part of it!). They are like family treasures that no one can appreciate like we do...the memories of those Christmas' are priceless.

It makes me happy to see this wall as you enter the front door...I know I'll hate to take it down when Christmas is over.

Come on, sit down, want a piece of chocolate cake? Gosh, it's good to have you here...

O.K., we'll look around later...let's visit, tell me, what's new in your life?


  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!
    Everything is so festive and the curtians are darling.
    Great job!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the visit! I so enjoyed the hot chocolate and chocolate cake, but especially the conversation and all your beautiful decorations. You're so creative! Those curtains are wonderful but not nearly so wonderful as your headboard/chalkboard! That's my total favorite!!! In everything, give thanks, GrandmaSoucie

  3. Oh.. I love stopping by to say hi.. Thanks for the pumpkin Spice coffee.. it's my favorite. You've done a lovely job, so cheery, festive, and inviting. Love everything!

  4. Just wanted to thank you for the visit it was wonderful and the Pumpkin Spice Coffee yummmm...
    Love how you done your drapes...everything looks
    great...Have a great day...
    Sweet Blessings...

  5. Wow....I'm full! I don't even like chocolate, but the cake was irresistable!!!! Hope I didn't leave any chocolatey finger prints on your ornaments, as I had to touch each one of them....better check the curtains too.....LOLOL Everything is beautiful....thank you for having me over!

    Vivian Lee

  6. Donna, it all looks so warm & festive! You've done a great job! :)


  7. Donna,
    I simply love the chalkboard. I am so glad I had a little part in it. Have not seen you in a few days but think of you often. Your creativity sparks creativity in others... what a gift!
    Hugs, Donna

  8. Your home looks so wonderfully festive. Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Holidays.

  9. Those curtains are so pretty and so is your tree. I love that chalkboard over the mantel!

  10. Dollar Store, wooo, wooo! I'm impressed. My friends and I have inexpensive shopping days where we only go to Dollar Stores and thrift shops. We get more of a kick from making something with a bit of creativity then lots of money...but money is a good thing too!! HO, HO, HO have a Merry One!

  11. Your home looks beautiful! I ♥ the piece over the mantle! Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings~ Trisha

  12. Have I told you yet today how creative you are and how much you inspire me? Thanks for that :)

  13. The curtains are very creative! I would not have thought of that. Thanks for your kind hospitality and tour of your home. Merry Christmas!

  14. So enjoyed my visit, your decorations are so pretty, thank you for the pumpkin spice coffee.

  15. oh my! I REALLY like your Christmasy headboard over your mantle! And did you just tape(?) ribbon up for that red stripe on your mantle? Brilliance! I really like the background of your blog too. :) Thanks for the warm and welcoming tour. Kelly