Friday, December 11, 2009

Payback...I Deserve It Flo friend Flo is one of my favorite bloggers.

#1 Her posts almost always include GREAT photos, mostly of those two precious cutie pies (never could get enough of them)

#2 She's never afraid to laugh at herself

#3 There is usually a pearl of wisdom woven throughout

I giggled at her most recent blog which describes her trying to capture the perfect Christmas photo

I had also smiled alot at a new blogging friend trying to do the same thing

Tonight John and I tried to capture our Christmas card photo using our not so professional (ok, our absolutely not professional) camera and tripod. How hard could it be to get two "mature" folks to sit still long enough? Really, we don't move very fast at all, for anything, anymore ;p

Too serious....

Hey, wait for me...

I mean it...

Well, we did finally get a good one, but rest included her!

I love that girl...(Gracie, you're the only other mature woman I would share him with). Now, I'm giggling you think she would give me any choice?

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  1. I love the look on John's face in the first should have zoomed in on it and sent that! : ) Can't wait for Wed.! - Flo