Friday, February 19, 2010

CHANGE OF HEART may have already visited "most of this post"...skip to the bottom for the new stuff ;p

If you haven't been here yet...the question for today is:

Have you ever heard of Young Life?

If yes...well - you just know! AWESOME!

If you don't know about Young Life, I would encourage you to check into how it serves high school students in your community ( Originally, Young Life only was possible in the metropolitan areas...but now...THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

The clubs have realized that children in rural/suburban areas have few activities in their hometowns and weekly activities are crucial. Young Life provides an exciting, fun, worship-filled "CLUB" each Monday (8:08...don't try to figure it out...just go). And summer camps that you would be jealous of!

Last night our Henderson County Young Life (WOO HOO!) hosted our annual fundraiser dinner. Each hostess sets her own table, and invites her own guests. FYI, if you work on a committee that produces dinners as fundraisers...try it! It saves your organization tons of money and effort - plus each hostess brings a table of 8 that you don't have to go out and beat the bushes for. is SO FUN!

And all you "table" ladies at Metamorphosis Monday, this is PERFECT FOR YOU!

If you haven't visited a "Monday" before, click on the butterfly above for a quick visit. Great before and afters by hundreds of talented ladies.

BUT WAIT...can't wait to hear from the ladies at Tablescape here - go look at their beautiful, creative tablescapes!

Lucky for all of you...I have pictures! It was inspiring to see all those tables go from an unexciting beginning...

to sensationally beautiful...(isn't the variety great!)I was only able to post a few, there were over 40 fabulous tables.

There were plenty of fun and laughs...

It was a glorious night, we had tons of fun.

But the real reason we were there...


We heard heartbreaking stories. We heard from some heartbreaking precious kids.

The reality...regardless of a kid's "status", none of them are exempt from what life has given each of them.

The reality...none of them deserve the bad things that happen in life.

The reality...there is so much that can be done to make each of them to live life beautifully. But it takes people who care enough...there's so much each of us can do for children - but we must STOP first to listen. Then DO!

The most immediate thing each of us can do is pray. As you pray today, would you remember "our" kids...then pray for ALL kids - that they might meet someone today that will let them know they care? Then maybe go find an organization in your community that could use you as a volunteer - really, only an hour or two a week can make such a difference!

They need us...all of us.

The song you have been listening to was played for us during the banquet...if you would like to see the video (which is pretty thought provoking), copy and visit

Before you leave today...I wanted to say thanks for so many visits. It astounds me to know you come here each time I post...and I am humbled by your interest.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the beautiful tables, the laughing faces, and remember the hard stuff is part of life, too. But don't discount the beauty, it's the fuel that makes the hard stuff easier ;p


  1. What an beautiful post, beautiful dinner, beautiful hostesses and beautiful kids. Thank you for being a force for good in the world. God's love shines so brightly through you.
    God is Good,
    Lori Spies

  2. Thank you precious friend for writing about my passion, Young Life. I wanted to be there to share the love, the spirit, and fellowship. I see it was beautiful as usual and I'm proud of our kids for being a part of the celebration. As a leader, I've been blessed beyond measure!

    I love you honey,

  3. Great post -- and SO FUN to see so many beautiful tables decorated by people who care. : )

  4. Wonderful post and the tables are all so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What fun tables and so many to choose from!

  6. Those kids are so blessed to have you, and so many other leaders who care about them SO much! Seeing your heart for our youth is such an inspiration!

  7. What a beautiful variety of tablescapes! I enjoyed looking at all of them and seeing the happy faces! Sounds like a wonderful organization for the teens.