Thursday, February 11, 2010

A RE-run...Another Love Story

I'm guessing by now that most of you that visit my blog regularly are getting tired of me gushing about those that I love.

I could blame these sentimental outpourings on our upcoming Valentine's Day...but that would be a fib. If you really know me, I gush frequently. I'm pretty sure I know people that would like to find out how to turn the gush button off. Sort of like a spicket, just twist that puppy - you know the rest.

But have you ever twisted the spicket the wrong way and the gushing just was greater (insert me smiling)...can you imagine if that happened to me? This is a NEWS ALERT: Run for the hills, women and children first, massive flooding predicted.

Well today, I gush for a woman I had only met, face to face, twice. And both of those times were just a casual "glad to see you again." And I was.

Meet Maria with her husband Jon. I will not go into long detail, actually I could never be blessed enough for all the words to describe Maria.

I ask you to visit here, it's the best way I can introduce the two of you.

Maria will teach you more about living, loving and Christ than most you will ever meet in your lifetime.

So many of us are stepmothers. I have always felt if you are a really good, loving those kids as if they were yours stepmother (I wish I knew how to do that cross the word thing here because I would use it)...that you hate that "step" word. Those kids ARE YOUR kids...everyone is equal. And you should be so good at loving them, that they never doubt it.

This is part of Maria's, Re's, Grammy's large family that she loved so deeply.

This is a precious family that I (and a cast of thousands) care for deeply. No, they are not in my biological family (I wish they were, they are just a beautiful crew).

But through this family I learned about being a REAL (step)Mom...a Mother and Mother-In-Law. And a (for me a future) Grandmother. Their stories about Re influenced me before I even had the privilege of shaking her hand the first time.

Whether God gave your family / children through birth, or through blending - I hope today you will feel His blessings more than ever.

Love on your kids today, your grandkids...I mean really love them. Pray today and each day for them, each one of them by name and purpose.

Re would, I will(forever), too.


  1. beautiful Donna! Thank you for sharing her and the foundation with others. That is SO what she was about...others. Thank you for loving on us in this are a blessing.

  2. I wish I had had the chance to meet RE-but I am seeing her legacy lived out all around me! YOUR love for others is beautiful, and a blessing as well!

  3. I was totally blessed by what your wrote about Maria. I am thankful that our sweet friends have such an amazing church family that supports them the way that you all do!