Friday, February 12, 2010

Something Good This Way Comes

Suuugggarrr just loook at thaaat snowww (did you "hear" all the syllables we are gifted with here in East Texas)!

We rarely get any snow, and our area has been blessed with a beautiful sight.

For childhood's golden memories
For happy bygone years
The comfort of your presence
In days of joy or tears
For all your love upon life's way -
I thank you from my heart this day.

The kids will be out of school today (thank you to the bestest Supt. ever ;p). I hope they will have the joy of throwing snowballs (don't hurt each other), making snow angels (dry off, don't stay too wet), help their neighbors, and send ME pictures! And parents...get out there with them! This is a once in a lifetime for us - dont' miss this moment. And, send ME pictures!

I am so grateful that (so far) our sweet little community has just been able to enjoy the beauty.

We are so blessed, and truly, good things do come our way.

Even when things don't go as planned...

Have faith something greater will come.

(Like a new deck...and thanks to Travis, already thinking about what the scraps from our little gazebo will become ;p)!

What will become of your "scraps" of life today? Let me know - and SEND pics! Good things this way come...

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