Friday, February 26, 2010

Painting With A New Spirit

I've painted "things" for close to 20 years now (yes, I started early...smiling here...NOT!).

And there have been projects that I recall from the very beginning that I just LOVED painting.

Like...the horse and rider standing at the top of the staircase landing for Rhonda. Sounds frightening and shocking, but it was pretty wonderful in her home.

Like...the "toddler" room for Becky, the rose arbor, the little girls with their tea party and the doves that carried the ribbons from the walls across the tops of the ceilings.

Like...the "grandfather clock" in the foyer...the shabby chic bedroom furniture that matched all the fabrics in her set...the Mary Englebriet style kitchen - with all the checkerboards...there are many more. It's all been a blessing and fun.

But I don't think I have ever felt the anticipation of joy as last week when I painted the piece for Mackenzie's room.

Mackenzie will be our first grandchild, and is due at any moment. Literally, Lolli and Pop's bags are packed, we are on "standby".

Her Mom and Dad were gracious enough to allow me to paint something for her room, with one requirement.

They loved the little girl "look", but they wanted it to honor and reflect God.

So...they worked in finding all the scripture...

From the beginning...

To the end...(the photos will enlarge if you click on them)

Mackenzie is already blessing us.

(Months ago I began a blog for Mackenzie. If you would like to follow "our" far, visit Lolli and Pops )


  1. Oh, you are going to be the best grandma!

    When our two grands started coming 2 years ago, I fell madly, hopelessly in love. When the two year old is put in time out or corrected, I have to turn my face away so that she doesn't see me smile, not because her correction is funny but because my daughter turned into me somewhere along the road.

  2. Love it Donna! Can't wait to meet sweet MacKenzie!

  3. Donna, we'll all be on Pins and needles waiting for the grand Moment.. I am not nor will I ever be a Nina/grandma, myself~ so as I have been with a few others born to my blog and forum friends, may I please be NinaSonny to baby Mackenzie. I promise to be the bestest cyber Nina ever.. Cant wait for this newest lil angel to arrive on this plane..
    xoxoxo and good wishes