Monday, March 1, 2010

I've Seen Wonderful

For months you've been patient with me.

You've allowed me to gush about becoming a grandmother - a Lolli.

Well let me tell haven't seen gushing yet!

Meet her...isn't she just the most beautiful baby God ever loaned a family?

Their circle is complete....

His heart melts each time he holds her...

I know it is a privilege to be her Lolli...
And have have shed tears as I've looked at her through a grandmother's eyes.

Mummy and Nelda...there are just no words...

She is Mackenzie, she is perfect, she is loved...she is the link that will hold all of us together...forever.


  1. Oh she is so beautiful. Congrats to you all :)

  2. Congratulations on this precious Grandbaby!!!
    What a difference she will make in everyone's life. She's a beauty.

    Recently 2 new grandsons have been born. One in October and 1 in February. Tis GRAND!!!

    Hope you'll drop by my site sometime.
    God bless you,
    d from home haven

  3. What a beauty.. Blessings to all of you. Enjoy every moment. Like Mellie in" Gone with the Wind" said- any day a Baby is born is a good day..

  4. Oh Donna! She IS beautiful! Look at those chubby cheeks! Now I can't wait to see YOUR blog full of precious pics of your granddaughter. I know you are so proud. - Flo

  5. Hi! Donna that baby is adorable and I know what it feels like to set your eyes on them for the first time! theres no way to describe it! this makes me so happy to be a "Nana"! just seeing these sweet pics! and I know that Mckenzie is " Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!" God Bless you all with this Gift he has sent. Kay Miers

  6. What a beauty, and congratulations to the entire family.

  7. So sweet! We are expecting tons of update with lots of pictures! Congrats!

  8. If people ever doubt that there is a God....All you have to do is look into the face of a baby. Humans could NEVER create such a beautiful thing. I love you and "pops" both very much and could not be happier to see you welcome such a blessing. D'Ann

  9. She is precious!! I look forward to more pictures of the princess!