Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Teasing....

OK...yesterday I went to a GREAT estate sale.

Remember that box of beautiful Lefton china I got a few months ago? The same antique dealer was hosting this estate sale...and it was wonderful!

Was thinking about letting you peek at what I got, 'cause I think you will really love it! I know do...and can't wait to "set it up"!

BUT, before I can "play"...this is what I have to do first:

Breakfast, yes, (much less beautiful...but pretty good stuff)!

Work the high school track meet...I LOVE THIS! Go Tigers!

Give sweet Gracie a much needed bath in this beautiful sunshine.

Prepare for a another senior photo shoot tomorrow (pretty girl this time ;p).

Maybe then...I can show you.

But not till I enjoy every sweet task at hand. Boy, I really do love my life!

Have a great day my friend...can't wait till next time.


  1. What a blessed lady you are! I just love reading your blog, you're always so happy!!!

    Also, I'm loving that cute chick picture. lol. TOO funny!!!

  2. What a GREAT way to spend a lovely Saturday! And I agree - that chick picture is just tooooo cute!!!

  3. Come on come on already!!! I'm in stitches here!!

    Vivian Lee