Monday, March 22, 2010

Dirty Laundry

Well, I wish I could say I experience this sort of enthusiasm when it comes to doing laundry (and, probably dear hubby does, too)!

Or, felt this sweet and darling as I wash each little item...

And look...doesn't she look almost blissful?

Do you think she knew this would be the laundry room of the future?

Perhaps she is so content, it wouldn't really matter...

con·tent2   /kənˈtɛnt/ Show Spelled[kuhn-tent]

1.satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.

I am content (and grateful) to have a laundry room, with a working washer and dryer and practical cabinetry. Yes, I did use the word practical...don't laugh...I REALLY mean it! (For those of you who do not know me REAL well, "practical" has not always been one of my strongest gifts ;p).

My laundry room has zero personality. And, honestly, it's not very inspiring to spend too much time in there. It's not's just blah...

I decided a few days ago to take the blank canvas and do something.

No, didn't really think it through...just unloaded everything. Cleaned down to the baseboards...

Then began to really think how this small space could be used to it's maximum potential for us.

I started with the baker's pantry....



Whew, that felt good!

Next thought was to look for a little bling...something to brighten it up a little.

So, pulled out the paint...added a stripe (glossy to reflect the light)...

No, nothing too is too small...but yes, a little bling was working.

We should start with this vintage hand hooked rug, don't you think?

Slow down sugar...back off the bling and get back to function (this metal shelving unit from Target was marked down to $12)...

Must keep my polka dot apron at-hand, (Aunt Ruthie @ SPFH would be proud)...

Glory...what is that in the background?

I added one of the personalized pieces I do...

For me, this space now just feels like a bright ray of sunshine.

Yes, I am grateful (and content) to have such a sweet place to work.

I hope you will let me visit your home any new projects?


  1. Awesome update for this room!! I was particularly drawn to the brownie mixes in the cupboard :)

  2. A girl with cornstarch! Now that's a cooker for ya! ;) Love the new room. Can you please come paint our brown paneling for me? It needs help!!! It's so sad. haha. - Flo

  3. Your so darn crafty!!! I love it!!!

  4. so can you come figure out what to do with my laundry may need to bring a hard is crammed full of stuff!:) Hope you enjoy your room!

  5. Nice job! I only dream of a real laundry room, to decorate. My two machines are actually split up into two different rooms. Thanks to an older house, long story. So I look at it as exercise carrying loads of laundry around.

  6. First time to visit your blog - I love your name...Nothing is Worth More Than This Day. I've never heard it put that way, but with three little ones, I surely need to remember that.

    Your laundry room looks great! I especially like the stripes! Thanks for letting me visit...

  7. Goodness grief! If I had just ONE ounce of your creativity - I'd be unstoppable :) You are sooooo Blessed!!! :)