Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kids, Kids and MORE Kids

This is one of those posts that will make my dear hubby very nervous...(again) ;p!

Never blessed as a "birth" mom, I always yearned for children.

I've been blessed that many have "shared" their children: my husband, my sister, my brother, my friends and my community.

I am the person in the stands (at any event...even when you are supposed to be quiet) that cheers for EVERY kiddo. It fills that "not a mommy" void in my heart, when I can "be loud" for the kiddo that has no one cheering for them. No, not because they are the best one out on the field, on the stage, or on the court...because every child deserves to have a "loud" hero. A "love out loud" champion in their world...and sometimes, the silence for some is deafening.

Years ago I began to spend time on a website that helped me, yet again, fill that "not a mommy" hole in my heart. That part of my heart that was reserved just to be a mommy - and on this website, I found kiddos that needed a mommy. They really need a family...

A visit here... could change your life (and theirs).

You see photos of the kids and learn so much about each of them, individually and as a family.

I visit the site, I look at each child and their needs, and I pray for them by name. And I can't tell you the joy it brings me when I visit the next day, week or month, and notice that child, or that family of children have found their "forever" families. I love the feeling of knowing those children will be loved, and I love the feeling of knowing a mommy and daddy will have those "holes" in their hearts filled.

And who could resist....


Yes, these are children that are waiting...right now. There are hundreds, and many individual children are waiting...all alone...no brothers, no sisters...no one.

There are so many children, even in your own community, that need a home, a hero, or a champion. Have you seen the movie "The Blind Side"? 'Nuff said...

If adoption (or fostering) is not for you...would you just spend a few minutes of your day to spread hope for these kiddos? Whether you choose to pray, to post or to tell someone who is ready to consider adoption...it will all be time well spent.

You might be surprised...you never know... ;p


  1. I like this. Very precious! Our children are wanting to adopt. I will tell them about your post. Hope you are having a nice day!

    Blessings, Linda
    Prairie Flower

  2. One of my friends has 3 grown children and adopted 4 special needs children that are elementary school age and younger. Those kids are such a light. I love being around her family.

  3. I also look at this site every day Donna. I would love to adopt more kiddos, but Jim has to get to that point as well. We just talked about it a few nights ago. Breaks my heart to see all these kiddos without homes or families to love them. Hopefully one day we will be able to change that for someone!

  4. Donna loved this post today. Makes me feel really Blessed to have my 3 adult childen and my 3 grandchildren to take care of. I find myself often very involved in my "adult childrens" lifes, still wanting to make decisons for them as well as my grands!! have to work on this one. Yes The Blindside was wonderful!, a must see.)Also the room is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your Heart of Love with us!KM