Monday, April 5, 2010

Such a lot of pleasant things

Easter duck and Easter chick,
Easter eggs with chocolate thick.

Easter hats for one and all,
Easter Bunny makes a call!

Happy Easter always brings
Such a lot of pleasant things.


Easter certainly delivered a lot of pleasant things....for her: a yellow chick, soft bunnies, first Easter dress...and for us: Papa's beautiful gardens and the newest little one to love.

I think she told Pops she wanted a pony, I think he said yes.

She slept most of the day, and didn't seem to mind that we all wanted a turn to hold her near.

She is everything we could ever dream of...

I wonder what her dreams are made of?

As she is seen through her Great GrandPapa's eyes...

As she plays peek-a-boo from her Daddy's shoulder...

And...who could say who is most content?

Our family...yes, we are blessed, with such a lot of pleasant things.


  1. What a little blessing. I love the darling yellow dress... My new grand daughter has tons of dark hair, too. I love being a grandma! Lezlee

  2. Lovely family pictures. Looks like a wonderful Easter Day was had by all.

  3. Ohhhh!!!! She's beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful baby and precious keepsake pictures.


  5. Lord have Mercy that children is adorable