Thursday, April 22, 2010

She's Getting Married!

Yes, it's true, she's getting married!

If you've met our Jentry, then I know you are smiling right now.

Jentry has always been beautiful (as you see), talented (can sing like an angel), athletic (volleyball setter big time), hilarious (read the story below) and determined (yes, same story).

She was born kidding! She had expressions that could make everyone in the room laugh until they cried. Until she started to school, I don't think we have a photo that she doesn't have "her" expression. Can't describe it, just take my word that when we see it to this day, we all still giggle out loud. She was beautiful, curly hair, big eyes the cutest dimples....smiling alot myself right now (when she reads this, she will roll her eyes and say Aunt Donna get a grip, and then flash those big dimples).

On her second Christmas, she was still a toddler. My sister has taken all of the precautions to protect her children (and the large Christmas tree). Jentry was the third child, and lessons had been learned.

All of a sudden throughout the entire house, we heard a thud, everyone ran...and there was the huge Christmas tree...crashed! It was all the way on the ground, and you could see her little shoe from the outside corner. She was not crying, she was not asking for help...we couldn't breathe. As the tree was lifted, there was Jentry, laying flat on the ground, both arms extended out straight - each hand holding a candy cane...and she had that big dimply smile on her face. She was so pleased, you could just see it. I'm not sure if she was so happy she had got her candy canes, that she had scared us to death, or that she had just won the ultimate game of peek a boo. Whatever it was...I will never forget that precious little face. Jenna, if you read this, one you will understand Jentry more than anyone ;p.

She has always been competitive - fearless...proved that through incredible season after season of select volleyball...her final year with a herniated disc.

And honestly, she has never known how beautiful she, that is a gift all on it's own.

Now, she's getting married...and we love Justin. He knows how to love Jentry just right...the perfect recipe of love, respect, devotion, humor, patience, and honor. They make a great team.

The wedding planning has begun...and I Love It! I'll post more later as we progress...the reception site is wonderful!

We shot engagement photos a few weeks ago...(thank you Jentry & Justin for this privilege, and yes, she will be embarrassed that I am sharing)...

And I got this in the mail yesterday...

It's official...she's getting married. I love you Jentry Kim...


  1. She is beautiful! You are right...I was thinking about Karter the whole time! Nice to know she grew up and turned out great...some days I wonder about little Karty!=) I am sure the wedding will be beautiful. I love the picture of them walking.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful couple! I just love weddings.

    The Christmas tree story is adorable.

  3. aww. Its great when 2 happy folks find each other and make Mega Happy~!! congrats to you and your family.


  4. WOW-How beautiful Jentry turned out-Evelyn and I are so happy for you and Justin-May GOD bless you in all you do and may he grant your heart's desires. I know that Richard is smiling from Heaven-All our best to you.

    Larry, Evelyn, Joey and Brittnea Moore