Sunday, May 2, 2010

Junk In My Trunk

A few weeks ago I invited a few friends over.

I asked them to bring...

We all brought things we would like to sell, and we all bought things others had. And let me tell you...there was great stuff! If it fit in your could bring it. And there were choices purses, new clothing (Chicos), jewelry, oval three tiered antique table, party sized drink a very eclectic indoor estate sale.

After we shared ice cold mint-limeade (I'll post the recipe below, good stuff), italian creme cake, warm chocolate chip cookies...ok, I'll stop. There was fresh fruit to be figure friendly, unfortunately I think we added fresh strawberries and grapes on top of our non-figure friendly delights ;p. (Yes, we girls did just want to have fun!)

And then the real giggles started, a fresh take on a white elephant exchange (involved something like truth or dare ;p). I will tell you, I took many other photos - but if you have ever seen a pic of someone laughing so hard they look contorted and not so attractive...enough said. So girls, I will protect you the best I can.

We are definitely doing this party again...we may have just started an excuse to get together (frequently)...and come home with more junk than we left with!

....and the recipe I promised...


2 liters of chilled diet Sprite
6 large limes squeezed - allow some of the slices to float in the container
1/3 cup mint leaves

Easy, simple, deliciously refreshing (and pretty, too)!


  1. How fun and I love the mint limeade recipe!

  2. What a fun day! Thanks for the recipe! Lezlee

  3. Looks like fun! Hopefully I will be able to come to the next one!

  4. You just had to be there. Thanks again, Donna, for the blessings and fun..Contorted, hhmmm, is that what you call it? To me, I just look plain ole goofy. But, then that's me! I just wanna have fun and more fun.

  5. Never would have thought about something like this! looks like great fellowship and Funnnnnn!!!