Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Time

Remember when you learned to write a story?

We all learned there are three primary events within a good story:

#1 Beginning
#2 Middle
#3 End

I've got a story...stay with me...

I'm "beginning" my story with what others might call the "end". But you know Mrs. Rose Colored Glasses here...I see this as (another) beginning...

My job: Church Secretary (I work with "young" folks, they call us Administrative Assistants now)

Sunday, the (yes, he is one of "the" young folks) pastor announced I am leaving my sweet job at the end of the month. Actually, I believe he had a freudian slip, he said I would be there until Labor Day (NOT), I am actually leaving Memorial Day...(good try, though Nathan). ;p

Now, these "young" folks are awesome! Have you heard the phrase "out of the box" thinking? Well - my friends don't even have a "box". They are each innovative, hard working thinkers and doers. They make each day a fun adventure...and most often with incredible results...very fun, every day, every moment serving Him.

The hardest part of all, was saying it out loud to them. I'm stopping - not going any farther, cause I will get the alligator tears rolling again (yes, Allison, me too).

So...when I said it out was a relief (like the Empire State Building lifted gently). I knew I had made the right decision for me, for my family...but the thought of "abandoning" them and/or God - was just too hard to take.

I have to tell you...God has given me a peace I cannot describe...the struggle was always inside of me - not with Him. I am fully confident He will provide another service for me. And I have such a peace that there will be someone "delivered" to that chair & desk that will exceed any talent I may have. This "job" has so much to give is very rewarding - and warm & fuzzy (sometimes).

You might be thinking, then why Mrs. Rose Colored Glasses are you leaving Shangri la?

Here's the definite middle of the story...I'm missing life.

The life of my granddaughter, children, the life of our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews...and even life as being his wife. And no matter how warm and fuzzy, satisfying and outside the box feelings this job delivers...I am missing time that can never be replaced.

Time for what? So many of the details are personal, but if you know us, you know our schedule is mind boggling...just in the next few months, I will be spending an entire week with my granddaughter, a week of vacation with my husband, helping a precious niece plan an incredible wedding, attend a business conference as his wife, seeing a niece graduate college, 3 other high school graduations (many kids involved here), state track and field meets...there's more. But I think you may have the picture. And friends, these are just a few of the personal things we are doing, not adding in the daily responsibilities we share here in our sweet community...

And it's just time...

Now that "end" that some are can say NOT (and you better say it out loud / real loud)! I'm not leaving you as a friend, a confidant, a neighbor, a cheerleader...I'm just going to allow some other lucky person to sit at that desk. It's going to be someone else's turn to enjoy a journey they could never imagine. Get ready to be blessed...whether you are the giver or receiver - 'cause it's coming!

Now...what to do with that extra time on my hands...I'm waiting for suggestions...


  1. Life changes always come with a bit of euphoria and sadness, don't they. You will do whatever you will do because God's plan for you is already in place, but I don't have to tell you that. Hugs to you.

  2. I am happy for you as you enter this new chapter of your story. I really do sense that God is in this and I am always excited at His activity. I must see this from heaven's view, although it is difficult through the fog of this loss for us. Your family, school, and community will be forever changed for following this new calling. Did you know that the word VOCATION is derived from VOCAR..."to call"? It's great to operate in the "sweet spot" of one's call in life. Thanks for including me among the "innovators" on staff.

  3. I absolutely know the church staff feels a huge loss! I was sad when I heard, BUT, I was extremely happy for you. I just know that this next chapter of grammy-time will be all-consuming and wonderful and worthy. I thank God ALL the time for my girls' wonderful grandparents - who no doubt - are a HUGE help. Congratulations and job well done!

  4. Donna, I will miss you, if nothing else just the telephone friends that we became! Thanks for all you help every time I have called you!!,(maybe a gazillion)!! And girlfriend I know what you mean, Life is too short to miss being with family!! You go girl!!! Blessings to you, (but do not let the Blog go),we need to keep up with you!! KM

  5. I agree with Flo...Job well done! I pray for God's richest blessings as you step out into this new chapter. You will be greatly missed by the church and the staff, but I am thankful you will still be our friend!

  6. Ah, there go the tears again! Nathan can just keep making fun of me!

    I am just smiling reading this though, because I am SO happy for you! And for your family, they are going to be so blessed!

    Answer me this...Will your home couch still be open for appointments?

  7. Thanks Marla.
    Eric - ;p
    Flo - knew you would "get it"
    Kay - blogger forever
    Jenna - ;p - friends forever
    Allison - buying more kleenex tomorrow, it's going to be a LONG month. And yes, the home couch is more comfy than old gold!

  8. Thanks for all you have done for FBC. Now, go enjoy those blessings that are waiting for you.

  9. Hi, Donna - Not an end, but a beautiful new beginning - I love how you look at this!! So keep those rose-colored glasses firmly on your nose, dear - and go enjoy all the other "beautiful new beginnings" ahead of you now!! :-)

  10. How exciting, for you!!! a sis of mine is also administrative asst. at our church. She just got back from a conference. Have fun on your new adventure! Lezlee