Friday, May 21, 2010

For The Graduating Class

I am going to do my best to write this post without sadness.

Dear Senior Class (classes/we love seniors in many locations ;p),

This is the end of your high school career.

You might be thinking:

a) I thought it would never end
b) I don't know where the time went
c) I can't wait to begin college / career
d) I don't know what I am going to do now
e) I intend to enjoy my's the last freedom I will ever know

This is your first time to graduate, to be consumed with joy, fear, hope and/or sadness. There are some days that you may feel all of these things at once.

It's a journey, there is no map - because you are like an explorer. This is your journey, it's never been walked before, it will never be walked again.

I get a little sad every year at graduation time. I'm excited for you, but sad for me. I know that as your new journey begins, my journey with you will change. In some cases, my journey with you will end.

And that is why I am posting...

I hope that you and I will both work hard to keep in touch. I know there will be many new and exciting friends and relationships that will develop for you very quickly. And, that my friend, is a wonderful thing.

But every now and then, when you are about to shut down your computer for the night, I hope that you will just give me a little hey...guess what happened to me today.

There is rarely a sweeter message, or one that brings a great smile on my face - when I get one of those little "heys"....

You will always be in my heart, in my prayers...and know that you have blessed me. I know that God has great plans for you.

Good luck...will always be waiting for your "hey".

Mrs. Spies


  1. Via Facebook:
    Alex Monroe May 21 at 4:08pm
    I just wanted to thank you so much for always being so supportive towards all of us. in everything ive done or thought about doing, you have given me your thoughts and hopes and trust. in all of my memories throughout the year, i always see you because you were always there, supporting. you mean so much to me, I am truly blessed to have you in my life. thank you from the bottom of my heart :) lots of love

  2. Via Facebook:
    Courtney Elmore: we love you mrs.spies :)·
    Donna Spies: Love you, too! ;p
    Alex Monroe: yes...yes we do :)