Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today Was It

Today was the day...

The last time we would all sit in our offices at the same time, the last time we would all have lunch together (as a staff), the last time we would all make a hospital visit, the last time we would all play a joke on the easy target (not mentioning names...Dan Aykroyd).

The last time she (not mentioning names...Mrs. Almost Pink Hair) would walk out the door and I would be sitting at the desk.

The last time he would hour and I will have you the outline.

The last time the youngster would come ask me for a phone number.

Tomorrow, I will go back, finish the most urgent tasks...close the computer down...for the last time.

And yes, I have cried...

And yes, there have been moments that I have been tempted to say...I was kidding...

And yes, there is a feeling of loss in my heart.

I am losing...
the privilege of being with "them" every day
the excitement of the next event
the blessing to see strangers come to know Christ
the feeling that I belong

And...I didn't tell them. But, somehow, I think they each know; and I don't think any of us would want to have that conversation. That's how special "we" are..."we" just know...

They are gaining her...a beautiful soul, ready to lead them to the next level.

She is gaining...them...the events...the blessings...and the remarkable feeling of belonging.

I am gaining...time.

Time for what?
To be his wife
To be their mother
To be her lolli
To be their daughter
To be their sister
To be their aunt
To be their friend
To be their neighbor
To be...

And what an exciting be what?

An artist...with a little encouragement, a little prayer...and a few customers ;p

A photographer...a really exciting adventure...needing a little encouragement, a little prayer...and a few customers ;p

So here we go...

To them...I have no words what you mean to me...what you have taught me...and I thank you for never acting scared when I started a sentence with, "We should try..."

To them...I'm still down the block...

To them...don't forget me...

I'll never forget you.


  1. Wow! You have been blessed and been a blessing, too! Kind of exciting and a little "scary" in a thrilling, "What's gonna' happen next?", kind of way!"
    Enjoy it, Lezlee

  2. I know of a great church in Ovilla...with Robbins...

  3. "Saddle up your horses!" as Steven Curtis Chapman would sing! "You're on a new adventure!" Thank you for all you have done, and I know its been much, much more than I have been able to witness in the short time we have been around. Can't wait to see what the Lord has for you, and how you will grow and fly and soar!!!