Thursday, May 13, 2010


Remember when your parents would stand in the pool and urge you to jump?

JUMP...we'll catch you...

JUMP...don't be afraid... us...

And you did.

Then, you climb up the ladder of the diving board.

You can swim.

I'm so there right now.

I'm standing right at the edge of the diving board, wanting so badly to take the leap.

To have the courage...and myself and my work...JUMP!

So, I have.

I'm returning to my roots, the "gifts" that I have tucked politely in the back of the drawer...ignoring them for so long.

I'm calling "it" DIMPLES AND DREAMS

And, it is:

So here I go, I've jumped off the board, I'm in the air...and about to get wet.

From experience, I know I'll go under, I'll hold my breath, and hope to return to the "air" quickly.

I have faith in my dreams, in my work...but there is that same fear when I was standing at the side of the pool.


I'm hanging in the air...I've jumped.

Go check "it" out on Facebook (Dimples & Dreams).

Working on the courage to push the button for a fancy site...


I've done it...about to hit the water head first...

(prayers appreciated)


  1. I can so relate right now!!:) I am proud of you and I am praying for you in this new journey! What a great post!

  2. Donna, you are SAFE; in the arms of Jesus!! Use that gift that he gave you!! Blessings:).