Monday, June 7, 2010


Last week it began...a two week vacation...all planned out...

First mistake...planning ;p

Thank goodness I didn't pre-purchase all the tickets...we would have been in a heap of trouble...well, maybe not trouble...out some cash and some inconvenience.

I won't mention all the plans, just know that each evening we were going to have dinner with the kids, or friends, go to a Rough Riders baseball game, Wicked @ DSM, Dallas Art Museum, downtown McKinney to shop, and just play. Oh well...

My daily plans were right on...I was blessed by keeping her -

For a whole week while Mommy and Daddy went to work. Now, I will fess up...I loved every minute of it...will jump at the next opportunity...but there is a reason God reserves babies for young people. You forget how a baby requires every minute of your attention, and it is at times exhausting. I left so appreciating how the kids manage to have careers and provide such a loving, healthy world for Lil Miss M.

Day 1: got up, put on the coffee...that was it...for the rest of the day...I never showered, combed my hair, put on makeup, picked up the house, prepared a meal...I was SO out of practice! My best laid plans were irrelevant.

Day 2: Showered...then put on the coffee ;p, and we really played!

Day 3: I'm getting in the groove now...

Day 4: We are doing great! Pops even got in a little lovin' time!

And then Lolli fell deeper in love...

John missed out on so much lovin' time with her, as his Dad required alot of his attention. Please continue to keep Dad in your thoughts and prayers, he is really struggling with managing the loss of Mummy, and now his health is suffering.

Now that the "fun" part of our vacation is over...the plans for this week:

Can you say insulation and sheetrocking in 100 degree weather?

Yes, we sure do know how to plan a vacation ;p


  1. Hi, Donna - what beautiful pics! Most times the "unplanned" vacations really are the most memorable! And did you finally get that well-deserved cup of coffee? (Hope so!)

  2. She is one gorgeous baby! I bet there was lots of smiles and laughter in your home that week.

  3. Love the pictures of the little miss! I am glad you got to enjoy her...say a little prayer for my momma...she will have ALL of mine this week!:) Missing you already!

  4. She is a doll baby...I'm off for the summer and spending a lot of time with my little grand babies, too. Lezlee